Saturday Workshops

Choose ONE of the following workshops to participate in on Saturday afternoon, 3.10 - 4.10 pm

Workshops are strictly limited to a maximum of 40 Shapers - book early to avoid disappointments. But don't worry - they will all be wonderful! 

Remember - Book your workshop session via the link in your email!


Revolt or VOTE: How to affect social and political change

This interactive session will be led by Jen O'Malley-Dillion, former Obama campaign manager. Jen will outline her experience as a veteran organizer, campaign lead and pioneer in the use of data analytics.

The session will be a discussion facilitated by Belfast Shapers Stuart Irwin and Anya O’Connor.



Activism in Europe

Join Fionna Smith, Head of Humanitarian Advocacy and Campaigns, Oxfam UK as she shares her expertise and experiences of activism and campaigns across Europe and beyond. 

What are some of the most pressing humanitarian issues globally and in Europe in 2018 and how can the Global Shapers community respond? 

This workshop will explore the core elements of a successful campaign and turning it to action when dealing with some of the most shocking humanitarian events Europe has experienced.   

The discussion will ask - what role young people can play and what core skills are needed to impact change? 

Get involved!



Brexit, Conflict and Innovation: What can we learn from the Northern Ireland Case Study?

This session aims to explore the unique contact of Northern Ireland politics, democracy and conflict and the journey that has taken us to exiting the European Union. We want Shapers to get involved and share their experiences and thoughts on the future of Europe and how others can learn from Northern Ireland. 

Exploring the past, Bronagh Hinds, Senior Director of DemocraShe, will provide an overview of the Troubles and how the Good Friday Agreement was established and implemented to bring peace to Northern Ireland, exploring what others can learn from our unique story. 

Conor Houston will then explore the current situation we find ourselves in - with no functioning government, Brexit looming and the Irish border proving impossible to solve, what are the main issues impacting on the island of Ireland and the UK as we prepare to leave the European Union? And what does the Brexit vote mean for the rest of Europe?

Looking to the future, Belfast's Resilience Commissioner Grania Long will outline her thoughts on where we need to go to ensure our society is whole, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous. How has Northern Ireland emerged from the shadows of the past to focus on growing our economy by developing a culture of innovation, creativity and strong entrepreneurial spirit, and turning our adversity into tourism and learning?