60 seconds with... Orla McGreevy

To help you get to know our Belfast Shapers a little better, we have kicked off our new '60 secs with Shapers' series!

First up we hear from the lovely Orla McGreevy.

First up we hear from the lovely Orla McGreevy.


The TV show I never miss is... I don’t really have one that I am watching constantly at the moment, but I love the Good Doctor and Black Mirror.

My guiltiest pleasure is… Saying hello to every dog that walks by me on the street, rather than saying hello to their owner.

If I could play any character from any TV show or film it would be… Maeve from West World. What a rebel.

My most embarrassing moment was… Going skiing for the first time thinking I didn’t need an instructor. After the whole ski lift had to stop for me twice, and after skiing backwards through the net in to a table of people at a café, I booked a few lessons.

My silliest purchase was… Me and my two sisters were shopping one afternoon and I saw a stand in Dunnes that said ‘invisible briefs’. You know the beige ones that are meant to be incredibly flattering and hold in your belly? The thing is, they had sold out so the stand was empty. I (naturally) thought this was hysterical, with the sign invisible briefs, and so I lifted nothing from the rail and walked to the counter with my nothing. The checkout attendant didn’t find it so funny.

The person I would most like to have dinner with is… Neil Gaiman. What a writer, what an inventor, what a guy. ‘Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and adventures are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgotten’

The last thing I Googled was… How to reset my password – I’m a little forgetful.

The best advice I was ever given was… You’re a long time dead. My nanny used to say that to me when I was young, and as I grow older the meaning of it only gets clearer and clearer.   

The last book I read was… I’m just starting a book called Eating Robots, which steps in to the not-so-distant future to explore ethics, progression and challenges around technology. I’m only at the start but it’s shaping up to be pretty interesting!

My favourite song is… Oh that depends on the day, the weather, what I have eaten, how long it’s been since I last sneezed…. It changes all the time, but as a strong consistent I love Regina Spektor as an artist, especially ‘Us’, ‘Samson’, ‘Ghost of Corporate Future’ and ‘Braille’.

If I was Prime Minister I would… Be fired within the first 5 minutes. I would make a terrible Prime Minister! I really dislike conflict and can be pretty indecisive at times, but if I did manage to stay in post by some terrifying miracle I’d cut public funding for politicians' meals and drinks and inject this in to giving our homeless the support they need to get off, and more importantly stay off, the streets.

My perfect weekend break would be… Horse riding in Donegal, with my girlfriend, our big goofy Great Dane dog and some family. If you’re lucky enough to get some nice weather it’s hard to beat.

What three things would you put in Room 101...? People who share email addresses or Facebook pages with their partners – they’re free?! Restaurants that serve small portions. Animal Testing.

If I could only eat one item of food for the rest of my life it would be… Jaffa Cakes.

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